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Parkland Shooting: It’s Time to Talk (Ross & Nez 022)

It’s Time to Talk. We present the audio of a a civil discussion about school shootings Ross & Nez facilitated on Facebook Live following the Parkland Shooting in order to get people of different perspectives talking to one another in a thoughtful, constructive manner. We invite you to add your voice to the conversation in the chat at on the Ross & Nez Facebook Page. We thank our audience for joining us on camera and sharing comments that helped move the conversation toward a better understanding of one another.
Hosts: Ross Brand, Professor Nez
Recorded Live: February 28, 2018.

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NCAA Basketball Scandal & FBI Investigation; Mark Cuban; Curling Gold (Ross & Nez 021)

NCAA Basketball Scandal: The FBI has wiretaps and information on illegal payments and meetings with agents by some of the biggest names in men’s college basketball. Programs such as Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona and USC are reported to have committed rules violations.

We also discuss the allegations of sexual harassment and domestic violence in the Dallas Mavericks front office and how that could impact Mark Cuban if he runs for President. Finally, we congratulate the US Men’s Curling for winning a Gold Medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics. All that and more on this episode of Ross & Nez: The Livestream Experience.
Hosts: Ross Brand, Professor Nez
Podcast Date: February 27, 2018.

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How to Keep Your Brand Healthy – Logan Paul (Ross & Nez 020)

How to Keep Your Brand Healthy. We talk about the controversy surrounding YouTube’s demonetization of Logan Paul’s account and discuss what this means for social video platforms and content creators. How can you build a personal and business brand to achieve your long-term objectives? All that and more on this episode of Ross & Nez!
Hosts: Ross Brand, Professor Nez
Podcast Date: February 23, 2018

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Ross and Peter have a great time sharing this information and it shows. Not only is this entertaining and insightful, it’s also a good time. Well done, guys!!!

Nick Nimmin

YouTube Content Creator

This podcast is like a party in an app. If you like business and love hanging out with friends talking about it, this is your podcast!! Geeking out plus laughing equals a winning combination!! Huge fan of Ross & Nez!! Love these guys!

Jennifer Quinn

Author, "Leveraging Livestreaming to Build Your Brand"

Funny, entertaining and educational! What more could you ask for? Great dynamics and banter between Ross & Nez and a fresh approach to live-streaming. Keep ’em coming!

Mike Murphy

Host, "Mike Murphy Unplugged"

Without a doubt Ross & Nez are the real deal in every way imaginable as entrepreneurs, live streamers and role models. This is an incredible show with great chemistry. You’ll learn a lot with plenty of belly laughs to boot.

Todd Bergin

Entrepreneur Live Video Host, Todd.Live