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What Livestreaming Gear You Need to Get Started. Ross & Nez discuss the essentials for livestreaming and why you don’t need a fancy studio to communicate and make an impact with live video. We’ll tell you what you do need and how you can get it on a tight budget. Plus we exchange pleasantries and not-so-pleasantries after going a few weeks without a live show together. All that and more on this episode of Ross & Nez!

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The Livestream Experience

Welcome to the ‘Ross & Nez’ Livestream Experience and Podcast!  We discuss everything live video and live streaming in a fun, passionate, sometimes downright silly and irreverent way.

We dare you to find a livestream or podcast like this folks. I don’t think the universe would allow it quite frankly.

We also cover ways in which social media, content creation, digital storytelling, video and live video relate to growing your business, amplifying your message, and generating brand awareness.

About Ross & Nez

Ross Brand “The Mayor of Livestreaming” has an extensive background in Radio and broadcasting, and hosts #LivestreamStars and #LivestreamDeals on his own platform –

Professor Nez is an author, speaker, consultant and coach who hosts #neznation Live and co-hosts the Digital Entrepreneur Show Podcast.

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